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Tent Rentals


            What We Offer

                POLE TENTS

         Sizes ranging from 30'x30' to 30'x75' and 40'x40' to 40'x120'

                FRAME TENTS

         Sizes ranging from 20'x20' to 20'x60'


From large community functions to backyard parties we provide an affordable and attractive alternative for your special event. Let us help make your next event a huge success. We want to help you create your party exactly the way you imagine it - with all the right details. 



Pricing  Rates are quoted for a daily, single use rental. We allow a 48-hour period to accommodate delivery and pickup. If you require a longer rental period, please contact us for rate information. All charges are for time out whether used or not.  

 Payment Final payment is due 1 week prior to the event delivery or customer pickup. We accept cash and all major credit cards with a valid driver's license.   


 Identification A valid Driver's license or another major form of I.D. is required.  

  Reservations Early planning ensures product availability.    

   Delivery and Pickup Charges   Delivery fees are determined by delivery type, zip code, and order size.      

 Custom Delivery: Your rental items will be carried to and from a place beyond the truck tailgate, and if you wish, set up and take down. Please contact us in advance of delivery/pickup to arrange for these services so that your delivery will be appropriately scheduled and staffed. The fee for a custom delivery is determined by the time required to honor your requests. 

  Security and Weather Protection All items should be placed in a secure, weather protected place. 

  Delivery Times Delivery routes are finalized on the morning of delivery. Since time and care are part of each delivery, a specific delivery time may not be available.   

 It is best to be at home on the day of delivery to confirm the quantity and condition of items. If you know you will no be available, please call our office for an alternative arrangement. 

 Preparing Rental Items for Pickup Rental items need to be returned to their point of delivery. Items should be folded, food free and dry to prevent staining and mildew. Tables and chairs should be stacked prior to pickup.